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Article: “SoLeather: where know-how meets fashion”

“SoLeather: where know-how meets fashion”

Solofra Leather Days
“SoLeather: where know-how meets fashion”
A day to celebrate the leather of the prestigious tanneries of the Solofra District,
between meetings with the protagonists of the sector, debates, events and fashion shows.
Solofra, 5 June 2023 – The title is SoLeather. Acronym for Solofra and pelle but also for sun and pelle, to underline the link between this
municipality in the province of Avellino to the tanning tradition for over five centuries and which has allowed it to win the worldwide
fame as an Italian leader and center of excellence for the tanning of very fine leathers, even as light as silk, those that allow brands
of the luxury of creating garments and accessories with extraordinary softness.
With SoLeather, an event scheduled for Saturday 10 June 2023, the Municipality of Solofra and UNIC Italian Tanneries | LINEAPELLE,
they want to celebrate the beauty of the skin and enhance its roots.
The program of events and the list of invited national guests are packed.
At 11.00, in the Cloister of Santa Chiara, there will be a one-to-one meeting between young people and the protagonists of the sector: stylists who use the
Solofrane leathers to make the clothes on their catwalks - including Mario Dice and Alessandro De Benedetti - and young entrepreneurs from
the main Solofrane tanneries will answer all the questions and curiosities of those who want to approach the world of leather and fashion.
The objective is to raise awareness among the new generations so that they appreciate the great qualitative, cultural and economic value of this
The SoLeather exhibition will be set up in the Cloister and will last throughout the weekend: 5 macro installations reproducing skirts made
with Solofrane leathers from all the tanneries that took part in the event and will come to life in the evening like imaginary creatures, 5 dresses
extraordinary on display, unique pieces designed for UNIC Concerie Italiane | LINEAPELLE by stylists and creatives such as Mario Dice, Simone Guidarelli,
Italo Marseglia, Simone Marulli, and leather accessories such as shoes and gloves, illustrating the many applications of this material.
At 12.00, in the Council Room “v. Naples” in Palazzo Orsini, seat of the Municipality, is expected to be presented to the public by
Mariella Milani - authoritative fashion journalist and critic, famous for her expertise and her ironic and sharp tone - about her book
“Fashion Confidential”: in his story the characters and dynamics of fashion, a universe that brings together the best of creativity but which
it also has many gray areas.
The events then continue in the late afternoon:
At 6.30 pm, in the Salone Maggiore of Palazzo Orsini, seat of the Municipality, a themed Round Table will be held with the presence of speakers
national protagonists of the fashion sector: in addition to the Mayor of Solofra, Nicola Moretti and Gabriele Buonanno, Councilor, who will do the honors
from home, Fabrizio Nuti, President of UNIC Italian Tanneries; Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of LINEAPELLE and General Manager of UNIC
Italian tanneries; Edoardo Imperiale, General Director at the Experimental Station for the Leather and Materials Industry
tanning agents; Beppe Angiolini, the most famous Italian fashion buyer in the world, entrepreneur and owner of the Sugar boutique in Arezzo;
Mario Dice, Italian designer with international experience, who has collaborated for years with Solofra to create leather garments with a silky feel.
Alongside them, the testimonies of the direct protagonists of Solofra leather: the tanning entrepreneurs. Felice Maffei represents them all –
Charisma, Gaetano De Maio – Derma, Mario De Maio – DMD.
Moderator of the Round Table Mariella Milani, who will develop the most interesting topics of this sector together with the speakers:
sustainability, circularity, applications, market prospects.
Followed at 8.30pm by the official inauguration of the SoLeather exhibition set up in the Cloister of Santa Chiara with a strictly gala dinner
by invitation.
At 9.30pm, in the evocative setting of Piazza San Rocco, set up with a stage and catwalk, the culminating event of the day: guests,
testimonials, fashion shows with the sparkling hosting of Jo Squillo. At the center of the scene are fashion shows of leather collections selected for the
evening: Alessandro De Benedetti and Mario Dice, stylists who have been working for years in the creation of sophisticated ready-to-wear garments in leather and
the beautiful collections of brands Made in Solofra but with an international scope such as Cassell and Osci Lab. In addition to the ready-to-wear collections, the
catwalk of the event will see 4 magnificent leather wedding dresses, created for the occasion by Luisa Atelier and the result of a collaboration
between Mario Dice and Rosangela De Maio.
The main tanneries of the District joined the event.
Thanks for participating:
The Solofra District, flagship of Made in Italy
The Solofra District is one of the main Made In Italy tanning hubs. Specialized in the tanning and treatment of sheep and goat skins – but
not only that - for over five centuries (over 50% of the sheep and goat skins made in Italy) it has become famous throughout the world of luxury for its
strong artisanal character of the production and for the creation of garments, accessories and footwear that require very high quality leather
quality, extremely soft and light.
The integrated production cycle of the companies that compose it, which also guarantees the management of a "short supply chain", contributes to
ensure greater control of the qualitative characteristics of the finished product. This is a point of strength and competitiveness that
differentiates Solofra from all other tanning centers.
The Solofra industrial district represents a flagship of Made in Italy and one of the most interesting forms of development
sustainable industrialist of southern Italy. Located in the province of Avellino, it extends over an area of ​​approximately 115 square kilometers where approximately 141
companies with a total of approximately 1,800 employees and a turnover of around 220 million euros. They complete the business supply chain
packaging (clothing and accessories) and services.
Leather, sustainability and circularity
Leather is a unique and iconic, inimitable material, a vehicle of extraordinary emotions without equal. Natural and renewable,
incredibly versatile, breathable, insulating, durable over time.
If tanning production is already sustainable and circular by nature, given that its raw material is waste from the food industry, in
In Italy this paradigm finds a further level of commitment and investment thanks to the widespread recovery, treatment and reuse activity
of the various wastes from the production process for sectors such as agriculture, the food industry, cosmetics and construction.
For more information
Municipality of Solofra Michela De Stefano mob 3407283974
Eliana Trentalancia iTlalents mob 3486534810

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