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The birth of our brand

Osci's focus is tradition and innovation. “Welcome to the refined world of Osci Lab, where tradition meets innovation and each creation is a testimony of timeless craftsmanship" Osci was born from tradition. For generations, we have been committed to keeping the roots of tradition alive, capturing timeless elegance of the skin. Each piece is a story, a story woven with skill, combining ancient artisan techniques with a modern touch.

And it is through a perfect balance between past and future that we celebrate the richness of our artisan heritage, embracing the latest innovations. Every stitch becomes a symphony of precision, every detail a bold statement of contemporary style. We are more than just a leather clothing brand. We are the custodians of a long and inspiring history, guided by a passion for quality and creativity. Each piece is a fusion of nostalgia and vision that creates a timeless style that goes beyond current trends. Join us on this journey where tradition and innovation  they intertwine and give life to collections that speak of authenticity and inspiration.