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Article: OSCI Lab: the new project designed by Mario Dice

OSCI Lab: il nuovo progetto disegnato da Mario Dice

OSCI Lab: the new project designed by Mario Dice

Mario Dice , renowned stylist, was chosen by the Balma company to interpret and give life to the OSCI Lab collection. Mario Says

This new line of women's clothing is a riot of pleats on tassels and suedes, ruffles on dresses, shirts and jackets, making it extremely feminine and seductive. The collection draws inspiration from music , video art and photography , combining contemporary messages and a new vision of femininity. Mario Dice , with his distinctive style, gives a touch of sartorial wisdom to the leather used as fabric, creating a collection that stands out for its beauty and sophistication.

The OSCI Lab collection

The OSCI Lab collection represents an important step forward for the Balma company, rooted in the Campania tradition . The new generation wanted to give a contemporary character to the company, combining craftsmanship with a modern style. Furthermore, the OSCI Lab line, in collaboration with Mario Dice, participates in the Linea Pelle Designers Edition project.

Balma is a company originally from Solofra, renowned for leather processing. Located in the industrial center of Solofra, known as "The City of Leather", the company specializes in the tanning of sheep and goat skins for clothing, footwear and leather goods. This territory represents an authentic pillar of Made in Italy, a cultural heritage recognized throughout the world.

We know Mario Dice

Mario Dice, a talented Italian designer , founded his eponymous brand in 2007. From a young age, he embarked on a journey into the world of fashion , attracted by this sector. At just 14 years old, his work caught the attention of Calvin Klein 's production manager, who offered him the chance to work in New York. Mario Dice spent six years in the "Big Apple", collaborating first with Calvin Klein and then with Donna Karan. Subsequently, he had the opportunity to return to Italy, where he worked in Rome in the Sorelle Fontana atelier and, from 1999, at the Atelier Gattinon i, nourishing his couturier soul. In Milan, he accumulated experience working for renowned Made in Italy brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Philosophy , and subsequently landed at Trussardi , where he remained for seven years. In January 2015, Mario Dice 's brand officially entered the Milanese fashion show calendar, presenting its collections.

Today, Mario Dice is preparing for the launch of the OSCI Lab collection, a highly anticipated event that will reveal to the public all the beauty and elegance of this new line of women's clothing. With his talent and experience in the world of fashion, Mario Dice continues to win the hearts of style enthusiasts and add new pages to his brilliant career.

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